Welcome to Brisbane's Premier Fetish  Club

   If you are going to attend a night at The Hellfire Club of QLD there are some simple rules that you should know to ensue that everybody has a fun night 

   We hold events catering to all sexuality's. Hetero, Homo, Bi and Tran are all welcome. If you have a problem with any of these lifestyles then we ask    that you do not voice them here.
   If you are single do not turn up thinking that you're guaranteed a pick-up here. 
      This is not a sex club, do not confuse it with a swingers club.... &  the rule of no nudity is strictly adhered to. 


      People come here to feel at ease, amongst others with similar interests, especially the female patrons and if you harass

      then you will be shown the door. Consent is the key word.

      Unless you have a persons permission or the permission of their Dom, do not touch.

       Continue on your adventures through our premises and expose yourself to the wonders that will titillate and excite you.

      Spend some  time  in our many  rooms but beware of what awaits you.

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